You are safe. We know this is what you need. You will be cared for and protected. I know you better than you know yourself. It will be severe at times but I will carry you through as always. Begin to let go.

You are doing great. Feel the pain. Bask in it. Feel my face against yours. I’m right here.

I know it can be difficult. Allow it to flow through you. Go to that place. Emotions, sensations, feelings ….. they are all glorious. You know I have you.

Focus on the stings. Focus on the pain in your breasts and crotch.

We have much further to go. Stay with it. Feel my hand in yours. Feel me touch your hair. Feel my love flow.

I know the restraints are tight. Feel them cut into your legs, wrists and belly. You must be bound this way. Bask in the confinement.

Yes, there is so much suffering. But as our eyes meet we both know this is our perfect time. It’s who we are and brings our love ever that much closer. The world doesn’t exist. Just us. Stay with me.

Let your tears flow. We are close. Feel my breath meeting yours. I’m right here. I’ll never leave you alone.

That’s my girl. I’m so proud of you. Feel my hands loosen the restraints. Relax and let me begin to move your arms and legs. I have you. Feel the marks and bruises left behind. They are my loving gift to you. And your gift to me is accepting and wearing them so proudly. Breathe deeply now and feel my arms around you. I’ll hold you til morning. You’re safe. We both are. Sleep little one. Dream. I’ve got you. Feel the Love of Discipline.