She had no idea that the tone of her voice could give her away. When I told her, she said it made her feel “a little crazy.”

As we talked this morning, I noticed something different.  Nothing dramatic but evident. I realized I was talking to the woman. So I asked her, “are you feeling little right now?” Her response was “no, not really.” I knew it. I told her I knew it. I told her that her tone was different. Her giggle wasn’t quite the same. I assured her this was not a bad thing. That we all have different modes and moods, and are multi dimensional.

That’s when she said she felt “a little crazy.” Though I suspect vulnerable was the more appropriate word. She was letting me peek through a crack in one of those walls. I let her know those feelings we’re perfectly okay. They were “little” feelings.

So I decided to ask if she could ever recognize when I wasn’t in my daddy mode and might be feeling a bit insecure. She said she could. And we talked some more. We talked about spirituality and feelings. The Big Bang Theory. Bumps in the road. You guys……

A bit later I recognized another subtle change had taken place . “You’re feeling little right now aren’t you?” That all telling giggle and a sweet “yes Sir” confirmed my sense. It was wonderful. So adorable! And I don’t think she feels as crazy anymore. Hopefully a bit more safe.

She’s a woman and she’s a little. Both have to be cared for and nurtured equally.

We hung up and she sounded happy. I had told her Friday that I wanted this to be a special weekend for her. A weekend of self-care. A weekend for her to relax and play. We had to work on a few corrections this weekend but overall it’s been a good one for her. And me.

I like that she’s happy. She deserves it.