Db and I were talking about spirituality today.  (As a side note, I emphasize the word spirituality because I have a bit of a sour taste when it comes to “religion.”)   Spirituality or Religion ….. semantics? For anyone that is seeking something outside themselves, it is all a means to an end.  And I respect both our rights to go about it our own way.

I once heard religion is for those that don’t want to go to hell and spirituality is for those that have been and don’t want to go back.  I would argue that many of us in the kink world have been through more than our fair share of hell.  I read stories and know my own.  The gift is coming away from that hell and surviving and finding ourselves.

I told her I prayed and she acknowledged doing so as well.  Most of my prayers are prayers of gratitude these days.  My spirituality is a function of a life change a little over eight years ago.  My FOB’s introduced me to a God that loves me unconditionally, more than I can possibly imagine but also loves me too much to stay that way.  I try to pray for unselfish things though I’ve been known to toss in an occasional “help me win the lottery.”

So, the point of all this?  Gratitude.

The sun came up. My health. Good friends. Awareness (which can be wonderful and really suck at times, like when I ask to win the lottery).  My kids. My job. And …..

And ….. my sexuality.  My desires and kinks.  My own realization, appreciation and acceptance of my sexuality.  Understanding and appreciating the love I have to give and need to receive.  And my conviction to never compromise what I am looking for in a partner; my sub, my little, my doll baby.  It wasn’t this way for a long time.  There was internal conflict but no more.  What a blessing. Do you know how many people simply won’t explore their own sexual and relational desires?  Me neither but I bet it’s a long list.

So, one more thing to be grateful for.

We are a fortunate bunch.  Yes, we all have our “stuff” but we are free.  Free to express who we are.  To explore that which perhaps used to bind us (no pun).  Free to find others to share with and learn from.  Free to be.

Thanks, God.