“Dinner was wonderful.  I love when you cook for me.  As you know, tonight begins a period of new exploration.  We’ve talked about this at great length.  Since our first conversation, we knew the sexual aspects of the relationship we both sought was to be an integral part of how we went forward.  We’ve learned so much about each other.  Our personalities; our roles; fears and vulnerabilities; joys, hopes and dreams.  But tonight we begin a new level of exploration.”

“Go to the bedroom and strip completely.  Pin your hair back the way I like and kneel at the foot of the bed.  Your cheeks on the balls of your feet, legs open and hands behind your back.  Eyes down.”

You hear me in the other room.  TV is turned way down.  Is he reading something? Loving on the dogs?  Just making me wait?  Concentrate, you think to yourself.  Stay focused.  He will take care of me.  He always does.  He would tell me to breathe and bask in my submission; the thing that allows me the most freedom.

As I enter you are completely still.  There is a mixture of relief and heightened anxiety.  You don‘t like being left alone and are glad to have me in the same room with you.  But you aren’t certain of what is in store.  I remind you to breathe. I touch your head and have you look up at me.  We smile at each other and I gently force your head back down.

I inspect you for several minutes.  Looking, smelling, touching, feeling.  Your shoulders.  The souls of your feet. I hold both your hands in one of mine tightly reminding you of both your security and your place.  I touch the top of your thighs starting at your knees lightly dragging my fingertips gradually upward and inward toward your soaking pussy.  But I stop just short.  Not yet.  I graze your nipples waiting for a reaction.  I pinch tiny pieces of skin around each nipple before placing the full nipple between my thumb and index finger.  It’s a firm grasp but there is no pain.  You know that will be coming a bit later.  You know all about my bit of a sadistic side.

As I walk behind you, my middle finger reaches between your cheeks grazing your asshole.  Once found, I place the tip of my finger there and stop.  It’s your reaction I am looking for.  I am exploring you.  I want to begin to know everything about your sex.

Still behind you, I rub from your neck, over your shoulders and down your arms.  Finishing with my hands firmly holding your wrists in place for a minute.  This speaks volumes to us both.

I kiss you.  We are already so familiar with each other’s mouths and tongues.  It’s effortless and bonding.  My hand finds its familiar place around your throat just under your jaw.  Your gasp causes us both to smile as we have seen that reaction so many times before.

This is what we want.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.  Looking forward to.  “There.  Let yourself go.  You are safe.  Feel me around and inside you.  Breathe and let your inner submissive play and romp.  Stay focused on me.”

You hear my zipper being pulled and instinctively look in the direction of the sound.  My thumb parts your lips and feels the moisture of your tongue.  Removing my thumb, I stop at your bottom teeth pushing your jaw in a downward direction.  My cock goes into your mouth and my hands gently graze your cheeks as I stand before you.  “This is not oral sex.  Not a blow job.  This is connection.  You need to become centered.  It’s a quiet time.  A bonding time.  You can suck it like a lollipop but focus on allowing it to fill your mouth.  You are here for my pleasure.  I am your only focus.  The rest of the world has faded away.”

“I have you little one.  Taste me.  Feel my hand on your head as I stroke your hair.  I love the way your hair looks when pinned back this way.  And I love that you put it up that way for me.  You give yourself to me more and more every day.  Keep your lips wrapped around daddy’s cock.  Stay focused.”

I pull my cock from your mouth creating a slight popping sound.  You giggle and as I bend down to kiss you once more, I remind you it is not appropriate for you to giggle at this point.  A firm tweak of both nipples brings you back to the serving submissive mode you crave.

I stand behind you, separating your hands, slipping my forearms under your arms and slowly help you to your feet.  “Are you okay?”  It’s three words you have come to hear frequently whether we are sleeping, driving, spanking, eating or just cuddling.  That watchful part of me never changes.

I lay you face down with your head at the foot of the bed.  I pull your arms out to the side and place the cuffs securely on your wrists.  The rope extending under the bed is tied tightly to the cuffs.  You test the strength and though there is a bit of give you find security in the confinement.  I make sure your head is turned sideways, brush the hair from your face and kiss your upturned cheek.  Your peaceful expression changes ever so slightly when I remove my belt from the loops of my jeans.  Not to use on your already tender backside but to loop around your neck.  We both know how you love the feeling of constriction about your neck.  The belt will remain lightly snug but periodically tightened and loosened throughout the next few hours.

“Knees toward your chest and ass in the air.”  My voice has changed a bit now and you realize you are heading into a physically submissive space where the only decision you are allowed is the use of your safe word.

On the bed behind you, you feel my weight on the mattress. “Arch your back.”  Smacks on your ass tighten your muscles and heighten your senses.  Finger nails scratching down the back of your thighs causes a jerking reaction.  I firmly grasp behind your knees holding your legs still.  “No movement,” I command.  The red marks left behind cause a twinge in my groin.

I get up and purposely let you see me pick up the Wartenberg Wheel then return to my position behind you.  My hand forces the arch in your back to increase and I warn you to keep your ass and pussy pushed up and out for me.  The last thing I do is remind you that though this next part may be challenging and uncomfortable you are never alone.  I have both our best interests at heart.  I know what I want and I know what you need.  Shortly you will have some time to feel my cock back in your mouth for a few minutes and get re-centered.  For now, this towel will cover your head and you are to focus on the sensations about to come.

This is our time.  This is my time ……..

End Part One