You feel my weight sink into the bed between your legs.  Respectfully, you again arch your relaxed back pushing your ass and pussy back out for inspection and use.  You feel a great sense of pride offering yourself to me in this way.

My hands caress your cheeks and back of your thighs.  Fingernails scratch your skin and leave lovely marks.  Smack.  Over and over.  Our favorite paddle has entered the scene.  You are used to it from the maintenance spankings but now, new flesh is being explored.  The back of your thighs and your calves.  All around your ass.  The sweet spot just below your cheeks.  As the pain slowly builds you surprisingly find yourself arching your back even more.  The stings are incenting you to open up even more.  This is what you have wanted.

“I need to warm you up darling.   This will be painful so just ride the wave with me.  Feel my hands on you.  Feel the sting.  Feel your entire backside getting hotter and hotter.  You realize the blows are landing more toward the inner part of your thighs.

What is he strikes my pussy, you wonder?  He’s so close.  Does he know how much that would hurt?  Will I be able to take it for him?  I’m his.  I want to give all of myself to his pleasure.  I trust him and know he will always take care of me.  He knows better what I can handle than I do.

Then you feel the paddle rest on your lower back just above the plug.  “Do not let it fall, understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

Your ass and thighs are on fire and you love the feeling.  My hands explore your sensitive skin for a while.  The security of the plug is tested.  Pushed, twisted.  You love the fullness and violation you experience.  Fingers are thrust into your pussy.  This is not a time for tenderness.  Feel my aggression, my primal desire to use your body for my pleasure.

“Keep your back arched and ass in the air!” My hands land a few stinging blows just outside the innermost part of your crack.  The plug absorbs a bit of the smack.  As does the outer part of your labia.  You’ve never been so physically vulnerable.

“I have you doll baby.  Let go and do this for me.”  Once again, with pride, you push your ass well into the air.  “You must remain completely still now, my love. No movement.  Do you understand?

“Yes sir.”

The first thing you feel is the cold handle of the Wartenberg Wheel touch the inner folds of your pussy.  And you twitch severely.  “That’s not being still,” I say as I manipulate the plug in and out of your ass as a means of correction.

You are tested again and this time as the steel handle grazes your clit, you remain perfectly still.  “That’s my girl.  I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you Daddy.”

You immediately recognize the prickly feel of the wheel along your red hot ass cheek.  The endorphins send a rush that manifests as a sudden deep breath.  “Good girl.  Breathe.”

The wheel travels all over your lower body.  Ass, thighs, calves, the soles of your feet. There are occasional pauses where I go back and forth over a particularly sensitive area.  The back of your knee, the tips of your toes, the sides of your breasts.  And my free hand is always following with tender caress to help you relax.

As it comes across your shoulders you recognize a deliberate path toward your ass.  There is no pause.  No warning, you know we are going to explore your most delicate area.  The wheel roles around the plug and you feel me push the plug deeper into your ass.  The wheel quickly reaches the juices that pervade so freely around your cunt.

“No sounds.  No movement, little one.  Breathe …….”

Back and forth as the pressure increases and decreases without warning. You feel the prickly sensations at the bottom of your pussy and all you know to do is focus on your breathing.  The wheel surrounds your pussy. The area between your outer lips and thighs is being touched in a way you’ve never experienced.  Breathe and be still you tell yourself.

As I spread you fully open, you feel the prickly wheel touch you inside.  “Be still, my love.  I want you to give yourself to me.  That’s all I want.”

You feel the wheel touch your lower belly and once again push yourself more open for me.  It travels to find its way to the hood of your clit.

The sensation is powerful but you realize there is no pain.  Back and forth, the wheel graces your most private parts when you hear me say “this isn’t about pain but about trust.”  You are being taught a lesson you weren’t expecting, all while deeply engaged in a sexual journey.  You feel a warmth and joy of my love that is intoxicating.  Any leftover anxiety leaves your body completely.

“I’ve got you, doll baby.  Let your body go.  Give yourself over to me.”  You feel even more dizziness as I insert two fingers inside you while the wheel continues its journey.

The wheel ventures back to the outer parts of your pussy and the area leading to your asshole.  My fingers are causing your hips to gyrate and glide the wheel back over your cheeks and thighs, calves and soles of your feet.

“Feel me inside you little one.  Don’t you dare cum.  Not yet.” My thumb is pushing on the plug as my fingers continue to aggressively fill you up.

The wheel has disappeared and my other hand grabs the belt that has been decorating your neck since the beginning.  My hand simultaneously tightens the belt and grabs a fist full of hair jerking your head back.

“Remember, this is about my pleasure for now.”  My fingers are abruptly removed and you get ten hard smacks across your ass.

Then comes the familiar secure touches and caresses.  “Are you okay, little one?”

“Yes Sir,” you mumble with a frustrated giggle.

I reach down and begin to slowly straiten your left leg, then holding your hips, do the same with your right as I lay you flat on the bed.  I massage your ass, hips and legs as the change in position causes you some discomfort.

I lay my naked body across your back so as much skin as possible connects with you.  You feel my hard cock bury between your legs including the precum that leaves a cool sensation.

I kiss your neck, your cheeks, your lips.  Your tongue. My cheek rests against yours.  “I’ve got you, my love.  We’ve only just begun.”

I get up and secure the two remaining cuffs to your ankles.  The rope looped under the bed ties to each cuff and secures your legs in a spread position.  I cover you with a blanket as I know how cold you can get.  I reach between your legs and manipulate the plug a bit smiling at you as I kiss your cheeks.  My middle finger sinks deep into your pussy and I bring it between our lips as we kiss and lick your juices and each other in a passionate kiss.

“You stay right here for a little while, doll baby.  I’ll be back to tend to you shortly.”  You smile. “Thank you Daddy.”  You turn your head to the other side and with arms and legs tightly secure, you immediately begin to drift off.