I was so proud of her this weekend. Really over the last week or so. Actually, I am always amazed at what strength she has. And she is gradually believing it more and more deeply in her heart.

I was with her in spirit (and phone) as she made her way to the airport and had a VERY rough flight (at one point, the plane dropped 4000 feet in two minutes (gotta love FlightTracker …. I was watching her the entire flight).  That would scare the shit out of me!!!)

She got up the next morning for her job interview and I watched my loving little doll baby display a professional confidence that would match any I’ve ever seen. She is so good at what she does. And it can be exhausting for her. She is a little through and through but does what’s necessary. And she blew their doors off! So much so, they asked her to come to a second location to meet the doctors there.

At home (our home), she was nervous coming into a foreign place but after only a few hours, she was giddy and comfortable, she had found her favorite chair and she was being herself. She slept like a baby in our bed.

She showed emotion, often letting tears flow. Good and necessary tears. Tears that have been built up for years; for decades. She is giving herself to me, knowing I will not let her fall. The benefit for her has been wonderful. She told me things she has never told anyone. I was so honored and proud that she was able to let these things out.

We drove through the country and she spotted deer, smiled at and took pictures of the geese that are everywhere here, watched for hawks and pointed them out quickly. All things that make her so happy. Her child was free to explore and felt safe doing so.

She giggled a lot; something she hasn’t done in a long time. At one point she laughed as loudly and raucously as I have ever heard. She had fun. She felt at home.

She had to leave yesterday and though it was tough, she handled it like a champ. Truth be told, I think I was (unexpectedly) more shaken by our parting than she. Thank you to several of you guys that checked in on me from time to time.

On the flight home, she read a wonderful post by Annie that was what I can only refer to as a “God Shot.” It gave her the conviction to let her family know our plans; something she has been dreading for a while. And on top of that, she received nothing but positive responses from her family. She needs and certainly deserves nothing less.

She’s happy. We are happy. We know the life we’ve begun is something we have waited for all our lives and are both so grateful to have come together.  We are also grateful for all of you.

She honors me every day. I am so proud of her!