I’ve always known being submissive isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes great strength to submit. Now, I’m not talking about finding a play partner and bending over a chair. I’m talking about submitting. Giving yourself fully to the trust of a dominant partner. Allowing your body to follow, only once the spirit and emotion are handed over to be held in trust. That’s submission and that takes great strength.

Additionally there is the common thread of submissives’ “past.” Most I have met or read have had more than their fair share of life’s trials and tribulations. These range from shitty “doms” (notice the “quotation marks” and little “d”) and less than stellar relationship partners, to verbal, emotional and sexual abuse.

Being a sub is no cake walk. There is often terrific burden to bear and that takes amazing strength.

Then there is the wonderful little side. I wonder how many in the kink community understand what it really means to be a little. I’m learning more and more every day. Those of us that love our littles/subs have a front row seat to witness the joy and beauty of seeing these multifaceted individuals play and romp, act silly and giggle, be themselves. We also witness them as adults in the real world. It often takes a daily effort to function in this frequently overwhelming and scary world. This takes great strength.

I remind db of her strength and I doubt she fully believes it. She believes me but not in herself, though that is changing (so proud). And I do all I can to relieve her of the burdens of the outside world. I only want to allow her to be her true self. Her little self. Her submissive and sexual self. She has spent the better part of her life facing the challenges of the world alone. And has done one hell of a job by the way. But I love her. This is her time to be free. Free to be little and free to belong to me.

I’ll keep showing her how strong she really is. I wish I could sprinkle fairy dust and make all the fears go away but life doesn’t work that way. She’s a submissive but also a human being so she will never do things perfectly. I am a Dom and a human being so I won’t either. Independent of each other we can only go so far. Together, we can walk through more than we can imagine. And we are.

Hold my hand doll baby.  I’ve got you.