Dilapidated House 2-14-15

I’ve lived just east of the Southern Appalachians all my life. It’s a wonderful place; two hours from the mountains and three hours from the coast. In the countryside are remnants of days gone by such as the one pictured here. I’ve seen hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar views rarely giving them much thought. They are so common, I typically consider them the way a fish considers water.

When db came to visit last month, I already knew how much she loved this type of scenery. In Texas, we drove through the countryside and she spotted deer and old barns, pointed out the difference between buzzards and falcons, all in a childlike way that made my heart smile. As I drove through a similar area this week, I spotted the structure above, took the picture and sent it to her.

You see, she has helped me with perspective. She shows me things that have been right in front of me for years but are now brand new as I see them through her eyes.

She has shown me what love looks like in its purest form. She has shown me the goodness of a spirit that isn’t clouded with pretense or facade. She has shown me how using her body for my pleasure isn’t an act of objectification but one of joy, love and bonding. She has exposed some of my own defects at a time in my life where my response isn’t fight or flight but true introspection. She has shown me just how emotionally cleansing a loving and intense spanking can be. She has shown me the true definition of submission from a little soul that wants nothing more than to please her Daddy …. a Daddy that wants nothing more than to see her serene and at peace.

So today, this is my gift to you doll baby. An expression of my gratitude to you and God for making my life so rich and fulfilled. You’ll be here soon my love. We will drive through the countryside. We will talk and explore with each other. We will have extensive ass play for my pleasure. We will recognize and deal with defects together. We will walk the dogs. I will hold you for hours during and after tears from an intense spanking. I will take your hand and we will grow.

Happy Valentine’s Day doll baby. This is our time.