I’m so proud of her. But mostly I am grateful that she calls me Daddy. I want to hold her hand and shout to the world just how wonderful and pure she is. Her goodness pervades in ways I’ve never seen in another person. She is humbly a noble person and spirit.

Blogs have a naturally occurring filter. In other words we get to manipulate to some degree what we present to the world. But she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t have to convince or portray. Her true being comes through in an almost subliminal way. It’s what drew me to her the first time I read her words. And then to experience the real person……..

I’m a very lucky man. She’s smart, little, kinky and has a wisdom and maturity from life experiences that make her my fairy tale. This re-blog is but one minuscule example……


When I began blogging a few years ago I believed it would be a solitary journey.  I believed I would type some words on a screen, hit publish, and maybe feel content knowing the words might land someplace they were wanted and/or needed.  I never really expected that I would end up having conversations with people much less getting to know them.

Today’s guest blogger kept popping up on my Facebook timeline as someone I might like to know.  I had seen friends of mine commenting on her stuff and her commenting on theirs so I decided to get to know the pink glittery lips that kept passing through.  I used to be too shy to click the Add Friend but I have met too many amazing people not to.  I am so glad I met this blogger who is here today to share with us the moment compassion for…

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