This is wonderful. Love and creativity abound ……..

pushing our limits


Years of searching and waiting

Months of wanting and anticipating

Weeks of planning and worrying

Days of packing and scurrying

Visits kept the fears at bay

As we excitedly ticked away the days

Finally, moving day has arrived

But then, this shit falls from the sky

Again, we want and wait some more

Until the moment you walk through that door

Take my hand and lead me away

To our new life, you smile and say

Where our dreams and goals mesh together

And the world will be infinitely better

Another delay doesn’t change a thing

Because I know what tomorrow will bring

Yes, we are close, but oh so far…

Hey… You could always just hop in a car!

Dedicated to my friend Cinny,
as she waits yet another day
for her Real Deal Hunter,
to come take her away!

Stupid weather. I wish you all the best in…

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