We made it home and it was a trip I’m more than glad to have behind us. I pulled out of my driveway Friday at 4pm, flew to Dallas, started driving at 11pm and pulled back into the driveway Saturday at 8pm. 1,170 miles. I was amazed how well db and our puppy dog did on the ride home. Actually, pretty amazed I made it as well. I’m not as young as I used to be.

Sandy …..

We knew db’s beloved Sandy was very sick and were worried about her making the trip. Db called me Friday morning in tears. Sandy couldn’t walk, was panting heavily and something had obviously happened overnight. Now ….. words can’t exemplify what Sandy meant to db and what an integral part of her life and growth Sandy has been. (Of course if you have a dog, you can probably relate.) Needless to say, putting her down was the most difficult thing my doll baby has ever done. And she did it with grace, strength, all while allowing her emotions to flow. I was so very proud of her. Two WP friends made comments that were profound to me. The first being “God took the decision to put Sandy down out of db’s hands.” The second that “Sandy waited to pass until RD was on his way.” I believe in both of those comments without any reservation.

Her strength …..

Db is a little. The world can often seem like a scary place to her. I watched with amazement as she packed and coordinated her end of the move to NC. I often found myself trying to jump in and take things out of her hands. She usually responded (respectfully), “Daddy, I have taken care of myself for decades.” She was reminding me that she could do for herself and that she needed me, but not to survive. She teaches me every day.

And now this …..

I’m beginning to hypothesize that the term “little” is perhaps one of the more misunderstood terms in the D/s community. Db is one of the smartest, most articulate people I have ever met. If you think she is a scared little girl or childish, you are grossly mistaken. Her strength is tantamount to the most secure (respectable) Dom I have ever encountered. She knows who she is and embraces it. She respectfully defends it and will stand up for her beliefs and the rights of others. Her strength comes from years (and years) of life lessons.

I take pride in my girl. I am honored to have her submit to me. I cherish her wisdom and strength as equally as her desire and willingness to submit.


Db’s post is hers and I couldn’t be more proud of what she has communicated. I remind her that she is highly regarded within the community. Someone that people respect and seek out for experience, strength and hope.

There are only a handful of folks on WP (that I’ve encountered) that are as seemingly honest and “without façade” as she. I unequivocally agree with her frustration regarding recent posts toward littles but I have my own frustration that lies more so with the sources.

Humility is not humiliation. It’s a modest view of my own importance. I know of a Daddy/Dom that recently instructed his babygirl to make a specific significant change in her life that would reduce her stress level. He did it because he loves her and she has entrusted her well-being to him. But HE never promoted it to the masses, she did. This evokes great admiration in me. Self-professed “guruism,” be it overt or covert is challenging (at best) to garner any respect.

Finally ……

I’m the lucky one. She wants nothing more than to please me and allow me to take care of her little, her big and everything in between. She’s home, she’s strong and she is all mine.